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Investigative Support Section (ISS)

Criminal Intelligence Unit
Analytical Support Unit
Technical Support Unit

The Investigative Support Section is a component of the State Police Bureau of Investigation and is composed of several different Units headquartered in Baton Rouge, with Criminal Intelligence field offices located through out the state. The Investigative Support Section is composed of the Criminal Intelligence Unit, The Analytical Support Unit and The Technical Support Unit.

Headquarters:  Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Commander and LA-SAFE Director:  Captain Chuck McNeal
Executive Officer:  Lieutenant Jason G. Jacob
Criminal Intelligence Unit:  Lieutenant Rock Schexnaydre
LA-SAFE:  Lieutenant Lamar Davis

376-A East Airport Road
Baton Rouge, LA 70806
225-925-6213 Office
225-925-4690 Fax

Field Offices:  Alexandria, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Lake Charles, Monroe, New Orleans, Shreveport

CID Region 1

Shreveport Field Office Monroe Field Office Alexandria Field Office Lake Charles Field Office Lafayette Field Office Baton Rouge Field Office New Orleans Field Office HIDTA Group - New Orleans

Criminal Intelligence Unit

In 1969, allegations of public corruption and organized crime led to the creation of the Department of Public Safety Organized Crime Intelligence Section, later known as the Louisiana State Police Intelligence Section. The Section was originally located in New Orleans, and staffed with 32 troopers and two analysts with clerical support, but was moved to Baton Rouge in 1984. In 1986 the Section was disbanded due to a period of financial crisis the Department and State was undergoing. In November 1997 a determination was made that the Department needed a dedicated state police intelligence gathering capability and the Criminal Intelligence Unit was reformed and currently operates as an element of the Investigative Support Section.

It is the mission of the Louisiana State Police Criminal Intelligence Unit to collect, evaluate and disseminate information on known or suspected criminal violators, groups or organizations for analytical exploitation by the Investigative Support Section's Analytical Unit. The Criminal Intelligence Unit will provide the department, local, state and federal law enforcement agencies with timely information regarding matters directly or indirectly affecting the safety and security of the people in the state.

The purpose of the Criminal Intelligence Unit is to provide the department with the knowledge and information necessary to make informed judgments and take necessary actions to effectively counter the activities of crime organizations, individuals, terrorism and conditions that would promote criminal activity.

Areas of priority include terrorism, public disorder, organized crime, money laundering, dignitary protection and special investigations as dictated by the Superintendent. The Criminal Intelligence Unit is headquartered in Baton Rouge and has field offices located in Alexandria, Lake Charles, Lafayette, Monroe, New Orleans and Shreveport.

Alexandria Field Office
Alexandria Field Office

5903 Coliseum Boulevard
Alexandria, LA 71301
318-484-2190 Office
318-487-5793 Fax


Baton Rouge Field Office (Headquarters)
Baton Rouge Field Office

376-A East Airport Rd.
Baton Rouge, LA 70806
225-925-1978 Office
225-925-4940 Fax


Lafayette Field Office
Lafayette Field Office

113 Borman Drive
Lafayette, LA 70508
337-262-2053 Office
337-262-2056 Fax


Lake Charles Field Office
Lake Charles Field Office

1 Lakeshore Drive, Suite 1125
Lake Charles, LA 70629
337-491-2903 Office
337-262-2905 Fax


Monroe Field Office
Monroe Field Office

3420 Medical Park Drive, Suite 10
Monroe, LA 71203
318-362-4578 Office
318-362-4569 Fax


New Orleans Field Office
New Orleans Field Office

2400 Veterans Boulevard, Suite 200
Kenner, LA 70062
504-471-2720 Office
504-465-3204 Fax


Shreveport Field Office
Shreveport Office

300 Fannin Street, Suite 5124
Shreveport, LA 71101
318-934-4355 Office
318-676-4049 Fax

Analytical Support Unit

The Analytical Unit was initially established in 1969 in conjunction with the Department of Public Safety Organized Crime Section and currently functions as an element of the Investigative Support Section of the Louisiana State Police's Bureau of Investigation.

After the September 11, 2001 attack on the United States, the role of law enforcement changed forever. Overnight our nation was at war with terrorism. The Analytical/Fusion Unit is in the forefront of this new war. In 2004, the Louisiana State Police established the Louisiana-State Analytical and Fusion Exchange (LA-SAFE) which is recognized by the Federal Government as the Louisiana Fusion Center. LA-SAFE was created to have a central point within the state to identify threats, prevent acts of terrorism and promote efforts of deterrence. LA-SAFE strives to promote interoperability, create a framework for situational awareness and assist with providing relevant and accurate information to those needing to make informed decisions.

LA-SAFE promotes a collaborative environment for governmental and corporate partners to work together in providing timely information for use in improving public safety and promoting national security against terrorist and other criminal threats. LA-SAFE actively works to collect and analyze information from various sources that will provide those responsible for protecting our resources with information that is pertinent in decision making processes, allows for the maximizing of resources and improves the ability to efficiently protect the citizens of Louisiana in matters of infrastructure protection and against organized criminal activity.

LA-SAFE employees support Federal, state and local law enforcement with on-going general criminal, gaming, narcotics and counterterrorism investigations and act as a liaison to public safety and critical infrastructure partners throughout Louisiana. LA-SAFE's partners include

LA-SAFE resides on the Louisiana State Police campus.

LA-SAFE Website: http://la-safe.org

Technical Support Unit

In 1999 the Technical Support Unit was formally established as an element of the Investigative Support Section and is currently staffed with four Troopers that serve as Technical Support Officers.

These officers conduct proactive and reactive investigations in which computers, telecommunications equipment or other advanced technology is used to facilitate a criminal act or are the objects of the attack. Unit personnel provide investigative and technical assistance to law enforcement agencies, throughout Louisiana, in the course of criminal investigations. They also examine seized computers for evidence of criminal activity. These services are available to all law enforcement agencies in the State.