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Louisiana Motorcycle Safety, Awareness, and Operator Training Program

Motorcycle Operator Training Courses

Basic Rider Course

This 15.5-hour course is designed for the beginning motorcycle operator with emphasis on the special skills and mental attitude necessary for navigating safely in traffic. Classroom instruction is followed by practical exercises, which are usually divided into two sessions on Saturday and Sunday in a controlled, off-street environment.

Motorcycles used in Basic Rider Course may not exceed 550cc.

Advanced Course

This is a new & challenging 8 hour, (4 hour. classroom & 4 hour. range) course for the more skilled and properly licensed motorcyclist. Emphasis is given to self-assessment, risk management, rider behavior, riding strategies and overall skill development, advanced braking, cornering and swerving procedures and techniques. Pre-requisites: Advanced course: Participant owned motorcycles must be street legal (registered, insured and inspected)

Intermediate Course

The Intermediate course is a 5-hour on-range course for the motorcyclist who wants to fine-tune their mental and physical skills. The course practices cornering, braking, and evasive maneuvering techniques Participants will also discuss their risk management techniques and share riding experiences. DPS training motorcycles are available for student use. (Prerequisites: Basic course graduates or properly licensed/m/c endorsed motorcyclists)

Application and Schedule

Course Schedule

Course Application

Once a student is assigned to a requested course, submitted fees are NON-REFUNDABLE unless the course has been cancelled by the Louisiana Department of Public Safety

For information or scheduling, please contact Larry Ourso at 225-925-6113, ext 224.