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Registration Requirements

  • R.S. 15:541 Definitions
  • R.S. 15:542 Registration of sex offenders and child predators
  • R.S. 15:542.1 Notification of sex offenders and child predators
  • R.S. 15:542.1.1 In person periodic renewal of registration
  • R.S. 15:542.1.2 Duty of offenders to notify law enforcement of change of address, residence, or other registration information
  • R.S. 15:542.1.3 Procedures for offenders convicted or adjudicated under the laws of another state, or military, territorial, foreign, tribal or federal law; Procedures for Louisiana offenders with out of state activities
  • R.S. 15:542.1.4 Failure to Register and Notify as a sex offender or child predator; penalties
  • R.S. 15:542.1.5 Duties of the Louisiana Bureau of Criminal Identification and Information
  • R.S. 15:543 Duties of the Courts, Sheriffs, Department of Public Safety and Corrections, and the Office of Juvenile Justice; informing the offender of the registration and notification requirements
  • R.S. 15:543.2 Emergency Situations for Sex Offenders
  • R.S. 15:544 Duration of registration and notification period
  • R.S. 14:91.2 Unlawful Presence of a Sex Offender
  • R.S. 14:91.5 Unlawful use of a social networking website
  • R.S. 14:91.9 Unlawful Presence or Contact of a Sex Offender Relative to a Former Victim
  • R.S. 40:1321 (J) Special Sex Offender Identification Cards
  • R.S. 32:412 (I) Flagged Drivers Licenses
  • R.S. 14:313 Wearing masks or hoods in public places prohibited by sex offenders
  • R.S. 14:313.1 Distributing candy or gifts on Halloween and other public holidays by sex offenders
  • R.S. 15:551 Harboring or Concealing a sex offender, sexually violent predator, or child predator
  • R.S. 15:553 Prohibition of Employment for certain sex offenders