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Towing and Recovery Unit

Capt. Mark Morrison
Captain Mark E. Morrison


In 1989, the Louisiana Legislature passed the Louisiana Towing and Storage Act in order to regulate persons and businesses engaged in the towing and/or storing of vehicles in Louisiana. The act provides that the Department of Public Safety and Corrections, Public Safety Services, Office of State Police shall be the regulating agency.  The Towing & Recovery Unit (T&RU) was created as a result of this legislation and is responsible for the regulation and education of the towing and storage industry. 

The primary objective of the T&RU is to educate those persons and businesses involved in the towing and storage industry to ensure compliance with all applicable rules and regulations.



As part of the LSP Transportation and Environmental Safety Section (TESS), the T&RU is further sub-divided into two regional units.  Organizationally, the T&RU parallels the general organizational structure of the LSP.  The Unit is staffed full time by twelve commissioned LSP Troopers. 

The T&RU is responsible for conducting annual inspections and investigating complaints from the public on all licensed towing and storage facilities.  The T&RU is also responsible for conducting VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) inspections on all vehicles in need of a VIN plate replacement or an assignment of a VIN on assembled or kit vehicles.

Public Outreach

Each year, the LSP T&RU mandates that Troopers assigned to the Unit participate in a comprehensive training program.  During the course of this training, T&RU personnel and officials from the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles meet to discuss recent changes and trends in the towing and storage industry.

Also part of this annual training, the LSP T&RU invites the Towing & Recovery Professionals of Louisiana (TRPL) to discuss any concerns over regulatory practices as well as ask questions of the Unit’s regulatory policies.


LSP Towing & Recovery Contact Information

If you have any questions or would like to file a complaint concerning a towing or storage facility, please contact the Towing & Recovery Unit Headquarters Office at 225-925-6113 ext. 205 for more information.

The T&RU Region 1 office is located in Covington, Louisiana and consists of all areas within LSP Troops A, B, C, and L.  The T&RU Region 1 telephone number is 985.871.1236.

The T&RU Region 2 office is located in Alexandria, Louisiana and consists of all areas within LSP Troops D, E, F, G, and I.  The T&RU Region 2 telephone number is 318.487.5440.

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