Child Safety Seat Checks


Did you know that motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for children? It's a sobering fact, but one that can be prevented with the proper installation of child safety seats. These seats are designed to provide maximum protection for young passengers during a car accident, but only if they are installed correctly.

Know the Law



Birth to at least 2 Ride rear-facing in an infant or convertible child safety seat
At least 2 years old and has outgrown the rear-facing seat by height or weight Ride in a forward-facing child safety seat with an internal harness
4 years old and has outgrown the forward-facing seat with an internal harness by height or weight Ride restrained in a belt-positioning child booster seat using a lap-shoulder seat belt.
9 years old or has outgrown the booster seat and can pass the 5-Step Test Younger than 13 years old Ride restrained with a lap-shoulder seat belt secured correctly on the vehicle seat Ride in the rear seat of a vehicle, when available, and properly restrained.
Safety Seat Check


A child who can be placed in more than one category shall use the more protective category. Child safety seats must be used according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 

5-Step Test: The seat belt fits correctly when the child sits all the way back against the vehicle seat, the child’s knees bend over the edge of the vehicle seat, the belt fits snugly across the child’s thighs and lower hips, and not the child’s abdomen, and when the shoulder strap snugly crosses the center of the child’s chest and not the child’s neck.

Upcoming Safety Checkup Events

Public Information Officers for the Louisiana State Police coordinate and participate in at least one passenger safety checkup event each month. This free service can make all the difference in keeping your child safe on the road.

There are many ways to find out about upcoming events and review current information:

Our Commitment

Safe Kids Worldwide certifies our Public Affairs Unit personnel, including supervisors, as child passenger safety technicians/instructors. Each Patrol Troop operates as a certified child passenger safety checkup station. Don't take any chances when it comes to your child's safety on the road. Let our experts help you ensure that your child's car seat is installed correctly and ready to protect them in case of an accident.